ArtsHub Assisting Albuquerque Artists

Today, we’re giving the stage to ArtsHub’s Jeff Anderson. ArtsHub supports artists throughout Albuquerque and have created their Relief Fund to sustain artists during the public arts closures. Here’s Jeff Anderson:

“When COVID-19 hit New Mexico and public venues needed to be closed, artists across Albuquerque lost their sole sources of revenue overnight. Since then, local artists have been teetering on the edge of financial collapse. Many are in danger of losing their homes, not being able to afford meals, or skipping life-saving medications.

That’s why we created the Relief Fund. The fund supports artists who are in need of emergency funds to stabilize their living situations and give them time to build a bridge between generating income from live events to shifting online.

I was humbled when I read part of this thank you letter from a recipient of the ArtsHub Relief Fund: “[Arts Hub’s] swift action allowed me to avoid what I thought would be a certain rationing of my medication and an unpleasant conversation with my landlord. Thanks to you, I was able to weather the sudden storm with grace rather than desperation and think clearly about how to adapt.”

As COVID-19 numbers begin to rise again, it is unclear if in-person live arts events will be a viable revenue option for artists for the rest of 2020. If we want a creative community to come back to once the pandemic subsides, it is vital to support artists now and ensure they can maintain access to housing, food, and medicine.”