Pivotal New Mexico has developed a three-part strategy to ensure that your community gets the resources they need:

  • Increase collaboration among New Mexico organizations through forums, online networking, and events.
  • Train the next generation of local grant writers through professional development and fellowships.
  • Offer tailored advisory support to ensure our clients succeed and grow.


These three parts come together to ensure our members get the resources and funding they need to transform their communities.


You and your partners are doing exciting things. Find out how Pivotal New Mexico can help you achieve your goals.

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No matter your experience, take your grant writing to the next level.

See how you can learn from and collaborate with fellow New Mexico organizations.

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Find out about our tailored advisory support and take your grant from “applied” to “awarded.”

Check if our partner opportunities fit your organization.

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Taking New MExico Projects to the next Level

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