Equity in the Land of Enchantment series: Making the Statement


With the murder of George Floyd, uprisings across the country have called for racial justice at all levels of society.  Many nonprofits have released public statements affirming their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, but many nonprofits have struggled to locate themselves in the movement for racial justice — what that means for their operations, programs, and outreach.  Across the country, nonprofit leadership and nonprofit boards are debating on whether to release a statement and what does that message say and mean.  

There are some questions to consider when making this important step:

  • How do your organization and leadership locate itself in the racial justice movement?
  • What is your commitment to racial justice moving forward?
  • And what actions are you going to take to ensure that your organization is true to that commitment?  

Last Monday, Nonprofit Quarterly hosted a webinar, with Vernetta Walker and Robin Stacia, called Beyond the Board Statement: How Can Boards Join the Movement for Racial Justice? (Part One).  The link to the video is below, as well as the slides from the presentation.  

Check them out when you have a chance:

Creating truly representative organizations isn’t accomplished by one study, one protest, or one training. That’s why we’ve created our Equity in the Land of Enchantment series. We’ll be posting on best practices, stories, and resources for our nonprofits that may help in the journey. If you have any questions or topic ideas, please email us at info@pivotalnm.org.