The New Mexico Delegation Office is jointly funded and supported by all five New Mexico Members of Congress. New Mexico is one of the few states that supports such an office and it has survived for many years, regardless of the partisan makeup of the delegation.

Understanding that the power of all five New Mexico Congressional members working together is greater than one, the main purpose of the delegation office is to jointly support New Mexico activities in Washington, DC. The delegation office communicates regularly with federal Congressional Affairs offices and stays abreast of progress with New Mexico projects and their applications to federal agencies.

The delegation office offers areas of assistance that could be of use to your grant-seeking efforts:

  1.  The Delegation Office issues letters of support for federal funding applications. If you are submitting a grant to a federal agency and want to include a letter of support signed by all five members of the Congressional Delegation, they can process those for you. Requests submitted Monday by 4pm EST are usually completed that week.
  2. If you are wondering about the status of a federal grant you have applied for or want to know when an agency plans to notice a program you are interested in, the delegation can contact agencies on your behalf and try to track down needed information.
  3. If you are having trouble getting a call back from a federal agency or need an introduction, the Delegation Office can help.
  4. The Delegation Office will conduct basic federal grant searches for you and send a report back to you on what they find.

Here’s the contact information for Steven Ortega, the current Director of the office:

Steven Ortega
New Mexico Delegation Office
Washington, D.C.
Office: (202) 224-8962

For years, I have worked with the Delegation Office as a Senate staffer and now as a non-profit director and I can say they are a great resource that is often overlooked. I highly recommend getting in touch with them.