Rural Infrastructure Study & Funding Recommendations

Funded by the New Mexico Legislative Council Service, Pivotal New Mexico, in partnership with the University of New Mexico’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research (BBER), Bohannon Huston, Inc. (BHI), and The Grant Plant (TGP), is undertaking a comprehensive study of New Mexico’s rural infrastructure.

This team encompasses broad and relevant competencies, with experience ranging from engineering design and infrastructure cost estimates, to identifying funding and developing sustainability plans, to research and policy advisement.

Further, this team brings to the project diverse regional and community connections and offers a deep understanding of how projects are planned, funded, and executed to help ensure that recommendations are both informative and actionable.

Final Report

In the 21st century, it is imperative that we provide a basic level of infrastructure to New Mexico’s residents, while also planning ahead to make the state’s system more resilient. 

This year, Pivotal New Mexico worked with partners across the state to develop our Final Report for the Rural Infrastructure Needs study, solicited by the Legislative Council Service in support of improving state and community decision making and planning to close infrastructure needs gaps.

Attached here, this report is a deeper analysis of the characteristics of high need areas. It highlights best practices from other states, provides estimates on the cost to close infrastructure gaps, builds a comprehensive listing of funding resources, and offers recommended strategies to help to close these gaps.

We know that communities’ current and projected needs are high but, through this project and final report,  we hope to provide evidence, resources, and recommendations that are actionable and have a truly positive impact on the lives of our rural neighbors.

More than ever, resiliency is critical as we face drier and hotter weather, which poses threats to infrastructure systems across the state.

There are proven approaches the state and communities can take to overcome challenges and better position ourselves for the future. New Mexico can and should strive to be an innovator in solving its infrastructure challenges in ways that are both cost-efficient and forward-looking.

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