Tsiporah Nephesh is the Founder and Executive Director of New Mexico Thrives, New Mexico’s state nonprofit association.  Prior to starting New Mexico Thrives, she served nonprofits for ten years as the Program Coordinator with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, United Way of Central New Mexico.

Tsiporah brings a passionate commitment to working with nonprofits to create positive sustainable change for New Mexico.  She believes that “we’re not all there, until we’re all there.”  Equity and inclusiveness are essential tenets of her work.

Tell us a little about yourself and your organization?    

I worked with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, United Way of Central New Mexico for ten years before deciding to start New Mexico Thrives as a state nonprofit association for New Mexico.

I started New Mexico Thrives because I believe that everyone in New Mexico should have the opportunity to thrive–to have their basic needs met and have a purposeful life.  I believe that nonprofits are change-makers and that by working together we can create the kind of world we all want to live in.

What have you found to be most useful from The Grants Collective?

Networking, brown bag sessions, and curbside consulting.

What kind of funding do you typically look for? Are you running into any barriers in securing that funding? What element of The Grants Collective is helping you overcome that barrier?   

NM Thrives is not your typical nonprofit; our mission is to serve the nonprofit sector.  Many grant opportunities don’t apply to our mission. We did apply for one collaborative grant opportunity and the Grants Collective was extremely helpful via curbside consulting.

The biggest barrier NM Thrives faces is finding opportunities that are a compatible match.  I plan to meet with The Grants Collective to discuss this.

What advice/suggestions would you give local nonprofit organizations that are looking for funding?  

The advice that I give local nonprofits that are looking for funding is:

  • make sure that what they are asking for funding aligns with the mission of the funder
  • conduct research, to determine who the funder has funded in the past and in what amounts
  • make a collaborative ask, if possible, because funders are looking for nonprofits working together

I also encourage nonprofits to join the Grants Collective especially for the list of upcoming grants and the curbside consulting.

Please sum up The Grants Collective in one sentence or phrase.  

“Grow the pie!”